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Marketing Vs Advertising Vs SEO VS Classifieds What's The Difference

Marketing Vs Advertising Vs SEO VS Classifieds What's The Difference

What is Marketing?


Marketing is a simple thought but complicated process for internet marketers. There are two things resolves around the marketing because marketing is not a new thing so it was present between us since starting. The internet marketing has just arrived since when the internet became popular and competition on the internet become too much. People started doing promotion so called marketing for other business owners who are deemed to promote their business. Marketing involves research, analyzation, creation, design, and much more. It’s not a simple way to do promotion on the internet. The term marketing has different synonyms.



What is Advertising?


Well Advertising is little simple to understand compared to the marketing. Because advertising is often being established on the popular platforms. Just like Google Search Engine advertise other businesses on their search. This is called advertising where you can simply reach out to the advertising companies and start your advertising campaign and get leads instantly. There are couple different types of advertising PPC – Pay Per Click, PPV – Pay Per View, CPM – Cost per Impressions. Since advertising has a major role in promoting most popular businesses all around the globe it become much more popular than any other type of promotion.



What is SEO (Search Engine Optimization)?


As it says in its full form search engine optimization, it is a process which let your website optimize inside the search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. This is often used to gain top rankings in search engine for a particular or multiple search term which is so called keywords in SEO. This is one of the most important type of promotion these days. The SEO costs less and gives business owners results for a long term. Comparing to PPC ads its much cheaper and affordable way of Promotion.



What are Classifieds?


Classifieds word has been around since there was no internet around us. The classified word was invented in the newspapers where you often seen the classifieds of jobs, matrimonial etc. These days the same newspaper concept has become popular on the internet as a free classifieds advertising. This is one of the most affordable and almost free way to promote any products, offering services, find anything to buy. These days almost everybody uses these classifieds advertising websites to promote their businesses. Even individuals often use these classifieds website to post ads either buy used stuff or sell used goods online.



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