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Sell Used Bicycles Online on Classifieds

Bicycles are favourite among children and adults to ride it either as a means of commuting or as exercising. The children outgrow their present cycles from time to time. Parents buy them a new one. The old bicycles can easily be sold online on classifieds websites. Alternatively, adults too who plan to buy a new bicycle would prefer to sell off their old. The advantages including getting cash which can be added in the purchase of the new ones. More importantly, hoarding does not take place in the house.

Classifieds websites are websites where registered users can buy and sell items and services. The items sold can be both new ones or used ones. New variants keep coming in the market in bicycles too as with other products. So, in most cases, selling the old one is a good option in order to buy the new one. A convenient way to do so is to sell on free classifieds websites. The advantage of doing so is that there are thousands of registered users in such sites.


Queries come quickly from prospective buyers once the advertisement for the sale of used bicycles is put online. Depending on the usage and the number of years since the purchase of the pre-owned cycle, the seller can mark the price. Most buyers do bargain but the seller can add the mark-up and then add this price for the used bicycles on the advertisement. This way, the seller will get the amount in the desired range he is seeking for the used bicycle.

There are a number of classifieds in India which cater to this need. The registration is free on these sites. Each of these sites has a limitation of free ads that you can place as a seller. If you want to place more ads, then paid packages exist which can be opted by the sellers to use this platform more effectively.



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